Handmade place, with delicate esthetic...

«A perfect combination between the philosophy of a hotel, the privacy and the tranquility of a house»

Most visitors want their trip to Greece include, or even be devoted to Greek islands.
Deep blue, volcanic islands, unusual beaches, amazing landscapes, romantic places, archeological areas of great importance, are some of what tourists are looking forward too.
Athina Design is a place with delicate esthetic, something that our guests realize from the first moments.
Perfect location

Feel Greece

Located in one of the most beautiful areas in Athens, Panormou.
Surrounding from bars, restaurants, coffee places, market with everything you need. The small streets reminds you something of our islands and especially, after metro station opened in Panormou, the place was transformed even more in one of the most alive areas 24/7 in Athens.
An ideal basecamp for Athens exploration, only 3 stops from Syntagma with the metro, direct line from the airport.

Bedroom concept

Greek islands...

All bedrooms are inspired from 5 most beautiful islands…Santorini, Ikaria, Creta, Paros and Mykonos.
Colours and decoration, put little in the air the atmosphere of Greek islands, in the heart of Athens.

The result is really amazing…

Our history

About us

All started one morning, when two travellers were drinking coffee and dreaming an idea of ​​building a place, that they would like find, when they are far from home…