About Us

Our Story

2016 - The beginning

All started one morning, when two travellers were drinking coffee and dreaming an idea of ​​building a place, that they would like find, when they are far from home…

2017 - Opening the first Athina

That year the idea took flesh and bones in one corner, in the heart of Athens…
Every little detail was one more conversation, a debate, until the result was the desired one. And so, little by little everything found its place, until one morning, suddenly Athina was real…

2018 -Ready for the next step

The right moment came one night, when those travellers decided it was time to move forward, motivated by the interact of their guests and their adventurous spirits… That’s how Athina Design was born.

The spot… you can’t ask for more… in one of the most beautiful, alive and strategic place in Athens, Panormou. 

2019 - We are ready for the future

Who ever choose Athina Design, is looking for a special, unique place, where all details matters, an ideal basecamp for Athens exploration.

In this history there is no end, only the first chapter is written.

Those two travellers continue moving, imagining and are ready to create, what is more to come…